Results of the autocross are attached here.

If anyone has some pictures they don’t mind sharing let me know and we can put them up here.

BECC Autox Results



Sam Leitch Memorial Autocross and AUTOCROSS MAP 2017 lens are here .

Len is asking anyone who is missing a form to print it out and bring it along….. Cheers!!


Entry is

Class 1

Jonny Chrisp          Ford Ka                        181

Class 2

Andrew Waite   Ford Puma                     236

Class 3

Mark Pearson      Ford Fiesta                    304

Malcolm Liddle     Mini                              314

Class 4

David Lunn          Citroen Saxo                   403

Jack Lunn            Citreon Saxo                    408

Leah Murray       Honda Civic                     411

Tony Chrisp            Ford Ka                           414

Kev Brown            Peugeot  106                 456

Paul Gee               Vauxhall Corsa              470

Wayne Coakley  Vauxhall Corsa                487

Class 5

Megan Francis     Vauxhall Corsa               500

Steven Bell          Peugeot 205                    501

Leonardo Lyon    Vauxhall Corsa               512

Nigel Murray       Vauxhall Nova                551

Alex Fawcett        Vauxhall Tigra                560


Class 7

Garry Pearson          Honda Buggy            700

Jim Jones                   Suzuki Buggy              746

Steven Liddle             Honda Buggy            777

Ryan Jones                  Buggy                        796


Class 9

James Lyon               SEAT Ibiza                          901

Millie Bateman       Peugeot 205                        919


Tamara Lyon           Nissan Micra                         J12

Robert Smith            Vauxhall Corsa                      J14

Matt Reed               Vauxhall Corsa                       J15

Cameron Whitely     Renault Clio                         J46

Ross Sisterton           Ford Ka                                 J66

Nathan Hails                 Ford Ka                                 J75



BECC gratefully acknowledge the help of


Charlie McCririck (landowner)

SMMC (Rescue Unit)

Bill Elliot (scrutineer)

Alan Sharp ( Smart timing)

Maurace Mabon (Results)

Robert Kerr (Doctor)

Jimmy Smith (Recovery)

David Swinton (M.S.A.Steward)

All Marshals & Officials


and AUTOCROSS MAP 2017 lens, Len got his crayons out especially for this

The regs for this are available here

Hope to see you on the day.