BECC are intending to hold 2 PCTs this year courtesy of Andrew Wood.

The regs for the first one are attached here.


Please support this event and get an entry in soon!!

PCT Regs BECC 2017    for downloading





Supplementary Production Car Trial Regulations

1. B.E.C.C Club will promote a:
Production Car Trial on: Sunday 20th August 2017

Sunday 30th October, at Halidean Mill Farm, Melrose MR 74/594344
The venue is opposite Scotts View.
By kind permission of Andrew Wood and Family.

2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the RACMSA Ltd
incorporating the provisions of the International Code of the FIA,these supplementary regulations, and any written instructions the promoting club may issue.
3. MSA Permit No: 103162

4. The event is open to all fully paid up members of the organising club and 15 invited Guest Clubs the entry fee is a minimum of £10.00

5. All entrants/drivers must produce a valid Club Membership Card at signing on.
B.E.C.C Membership costs £10 per adult, or £15 for a family membership

6. The event is a round of the B.E.C.C championship only.

7. Scrutineering
Will commence 30 minutes before (11.00 am) the start time of the first car (11.00). Any competitor not signed on 15 minutes before the start time(11.00 am) may not be allowed to start. Cars must be presented in good general condition and particular attention will be paid to suspension, steering, brakes and all safety items. In addition where possible, cars must have a double throttle return spring fitted.

8. The event will consist of two classes as follows:-
Class 1 Front wheel drive
Class 2 Rear wheel drive
No Vehicle shall have any type of “off road” or winter tyres, must be of normal construction and tread pattern as defined by the Road Traffic Act.

9. Minimum Ages – As Per MSA Technical Regulations M11 and 12
M11 – Entries may be accepted from Drivers who are 16. and over who do not have a full RTA Licence, subject to them complying with:
– The vehicle must by definition be a ‘touring car’.
– Passenger seats may be removed but engine capacity must not exceed 1400cc
– Forced Induction is not permitted.

Entries may be accepted from drivers who are 14 and over. However, for drivers not holding a full RTA licence, the passenger must hold a full RTA licence and be experienced in autotesting.
– The vehicle must be by definition a ‘touring car’.

11. All vehicles must comply with RACMSA Technical Regulations atT3.1 through to T4.1.11

12. Secretary of the meeting: Mr Alan Sharp 07966 515707

13. The maximum entry for the meeting is 40 and the minimum is 6. Should any of the above figures be reached the organisers have the right to amalgamate the classes or cancel the event.

14. Other officials are :- Clerk of the Course Mr Stuart Kellett

15. Provisional results will be published as soon as possible after the event.

16. There will be 8 tests. Comprising of 4 tests run twice,.
Lowest penalties run on the 4 tests will count.
17. Details of the tests there will be 10 gates to which the vehicle must pass through
Penalties will be 10 for first gate and so on till the last gate which is 1
18. When the vehicle stops in a forward motion then the last gate past by the centre of the front wheels on the vehicle will count towards the score, ie if the car stops between gates marked 6 and 5 then the penalty will be 6
19. The starting signal will be verbal, 3,2,1, GO. ( plus agreed hand signals if
required )

20. Practising will not be allowed. Competitors may walk each course in advance.

21. Competitors will be identified by name or by numbers, which will be provided by the organisers.

22. Marking and penalties will be as printed in the appropriate section of the MSA
General Regulations Hitting a gate will be plus 5 added to the competitors score for that test for that test.
23. All other General Regulations of the M.S.A. apply as written in the appropriate sections of the M.S.A Yearbook 2016













Post Code________
Tel.No._________________________ Email _______________________________


Appropriate Adult
Post Code_________
Tel.No._________________________ Email _______________________________

Vehicle Details
Event: Autotest/Junior entry (please circle)
Class entered:________________________Entry Number:_________________

Emergency Contact
Name, Address:______________________________________________________
Tel. No:_____________________________

Declaration: I agree to be bound by the event regulations as detailed in the
Supplementary Regulations and as defined by the M.S.A.

Signature:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


NB: No practicing will be permitted in the venue.
Any damage caused must be immediately reported to a club official.
Any cars caught wheel spinning or carrying out handbrake turns, outwith a test, will be reported to a club official.