Dinner Dance

Each year the club holds its annual Awards Night for competitors from all fields including family and friends to get together for a meal, maybe a trophy for a year well done and surly a dram a dance and plenty crac.

Each year the club has a vast spread of silverware for various people in the club and other people competing in championships organised by our club from as far afield as Yorkshire, Dumfries and the north of Scotland.

There are many awards for the 3 rally championships and the Borders Autocross Championship. There are also awards for the following:

The competitor who has collectively done best in the events solely organised by the club in the year.


Marshal who has attended the most events organised by the club in the year.

The person/persons who have had an exceptional year.

The highest placed lady in the Club Championship.

The person who has shown a big commitment to motorsport.

This trophy is awarded in memory of Colin Wight, normally to best autocross driver.

Does what it says on the tin! There is always one every year who manages to build up a reputation for being a bit rough!!

No prizes here there is always a story every year of someone who has been a bit silly in one way or another!

Again does what it says on the tin but just who has gone the extra mile with the extra coat of wax this year??

dinner dance
Family Treasure Hunt & BBQ

Now a yearly event the club holds a family treasure hunt organised by the Leeming family members of the club for a number of years.

The ‘hunt’ is very family orientated, on the 2010 event for example each car had a total time of two hours to complete the 27 mile route and various treasures were to be collected along the way. In addition to this various pictures of cartoon characters were to be named and 3 drawings required.

Some teams were found phoning a friend and trying to explain what each character looked like over the phone, others gate crashing friends and relatives with young children to seek professional assistance but for the team with the youngest crew member of all on that night at 4yrs old none of the above applied as the names were reeled off in quick succession complete with a cheeky smile!! Treasure required varied from a nail and a bulb to ‘something that used to belong to an animal’. Rumour has it a farmer on the route had a roaring trade in eggs from his hens! 5 general knowledge questions were also to be answered but it is suspected most had a small helper in their phone called Mr Google!! Tut tut! all crews were back in plenty time and the BBQ was time for some reflection upon who went wrong and where, but the night was not over there, one final test remained that of a blindfolded autotest with a member of your team verbally talking you round the basic set of cones.

Points were awarded for each second less than two minutes. This was great fun to watch with some of the better drivers in the club thinking this was easy ending up lost and eating humble pie to many more nervous yet controlled teams.

Even a club full of car loving petrol heads occasionally organise a competition using nothing but our own feet in a good old game of rounders. Similar to the car treasure hunt it allows family, kids and members who don’t compete to get stuck in together for an afternoon of fun.

This is another great way for all of our members to meet up particularly when people competing in different disciplines of the sport don’t get a chance to catch up when in a hectic calendar of events throughout the year in the championship they have chosen. Even people in the same championship find that during competition there is not much time to relax with friends and other competitors.