After the war had ended in 1945, Charterhall airfield lay free, only to be used by farmers for crops. The first official motor racing meeting held at Charterhall near Greenlaw. The first Charterhall race meeting was held on Saturday May 31, 1952. The 1st race was won by Bill Dobson in a F2 Ferrari racing in the Formula Libre class. The World War Two aerodrome was a natural location for a race track. A two-mile circuit was easily marked out on the land using parts of the runway and this led to a seemingly endless straight which helped overtaking manoeuvres.

This was not, however, the first official motor race meeting in Scotland. In 1950 three locals were looking for somewhere to practice before taking part in English events. The three Alec Calder, David Swan and Jock McBain used Whinfield a neighbouring wartime aerodrome.

The circuit was in use for 12 years hosting various events ranging from formula 2, formula Libre, Formula Junior and many other types of motor racing. Charterhall was also used by Ecuree Ecosse as a testing ground for there cars over the 12 years.

The circuit at Charterhall was driven by many of the worlds top drivers through its time. A few including Sir Sterling Moss, Roy Salvadori (later turning a team boss), The 1st ever F1World Champion in 1950 Giuseppe (nino) Farina and the Borders very own Jim Clark who was also world Champion 1963 and 65 . Jim saw his 1st ever race at Charterhall where he then spent a lot of time competing,, all in all competing in 31 races winning 9 of them.

A couple of years after the circuit were put out of action to motorsport racing in 1969, Major Trotter began managing the estate. Until this day the Trotter family have been in command of the famous aerodrome. The 1st rally was held here in 1986 and won by Martin Elsdon and Dave Robson. He then had another 2 back to back wins in 1991 and 1992. Michael Glendinning has a record 4 wins, 3 of which were in his well known white Subaru Impreza and the other in a Vauxhall Astra. The event is run annually normally around the 1st weekend in April.

A list of Past winners is below.

1986 Martin Elsdon / Dave Robson Ford Escort RS
1987 John Brodie / Alasdair Henderson Opel Manta 200
1988 Dom Buckley / Ewan Brewis Ford Escort RS
1989 John Brodie / Alasdair Henderson Opel Manta 200
1990 Callum Guy / Mike Gower Vauxhall Chevette HS
1991 Martin Elsdon / Gig Barber Darrian T9
1992 Martin Elsdon / Dave Robson Darrian T90
1993 Peter Vassallo / Chris Birbeck Ford Escort Cosworth
1994 Gordon Boyd / Doug Newby Ford Escort Cosworth
1995 Gordon Boyd / Doug Newby Ford Escort Cosworth
1996 No Event
1997 Tom Morris / Stephen Morris MG Metro 6R4
1998 David Robson / George Tindall Ford Escort Cosworth
1999 Mike Glendinning / Dave Thompson Vauxhall Astra
2000 George Grieve / Tony Jannetta Ford Escort Cosworth
2001 Cancelled due to foot and mouth
2002 Mike Glendinning / Dave Thompson Subaru Impreza
2003 Mike Glendinning / Dave Thompson Subaru Impreza
2004 Andy Fenwick / Lee Tindall Mitsubishi 6
2005 Jim Rintoul / John Rintoul Mitsubishi evo 6
2006 John Marshal / Graeme Lewis Subaru Impreza
2007 Kev Proctor / Dave Bellerby Skoda Octavia WRC
2008 Michael Glendining / Andrew Roughead Subaru Impreza
2009 Gavin Ruler/David Everard Mitsubishi Evo 3
2010 Gavin Ruler/David Everard Mitsubishi Evo 3